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Global warming is defined as the increase in the Earth’s surface temperature consequent to the greenhouse effect caused by gas emissions released to the atmosphere through human activities.
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"The average temperature of the Earth's atmosphere increased 0.6 (± 0.2)°C in the 20th century. The common scientific opinion on climate change states that the temperature rise in the last 50 years has caused noticeable effects on human life. Global warming is thought to result from increasing amounts of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The reason why such fossil fuels as coal, petrol and natural gas cause climate change is because such greenhouse gases as carbon dioxide and methane which are released during the combustion of these fuels have heat retaining properties. For the continuation of the natural cycle, such heat has to return to the space. However, fossil fuels result in the retention of a part of heat in the atmosphere and cause global warming and climate changes.

Today, obviously, it is not possible to live without causing any greenhouse gas emissions. However, "we can continue to live adopting live styles and technologies that cause less harm." At this point, renewable energy becomes of extreme importance. The sustainability of energy alone is not sufficient. "For the ecological balance, sources have to be renewable. In all respects, sustainability is possible only if it is renewable."

What is of the highest concern about the issue of global warming is whether the energy source releases any greenhouse gases or not. While carbon dioxide is released during the combustion of fossil fuels (including natural gas), such renewable sources as wind and solar power are harmless in terms of greenhouse gases. If we want to prevent global warming, we have to provide the energy need of the world through renewable sources.

"The issue of global warming and energy shall be the greatest and most insurmountable challenge facing the mankind in the twenty first century. These challenges can be resolved only through a global campaign starting from this day because tomorrow is too late. Until today, mankind has irresponsibility exploited the nature without thinking about the consequences, the world population reached a number that can not be sustained by the planet and we have come to notice the undeniable consequences of all these problems. The choice facing the mankind today is obvious. Either to continue to act irresponsibility and irreversibly change the climate systems during the life span of today's young generation and inflict disastrous damages on the ecosystem and thus on ourselves or to attain maturity as mankind, become aware of the environmental problems of our own doing, accept responsibility and consequently to mobilize efforts to eliminate these problems.
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