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Today, as far as Turkey is concerned, the evaluation of the Kyoto Protocol is a matter that is open to discussion.
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A thorough calculation has to be made as to whether our Country would be able to carry out the required sanctions successfully if it was to be included in the Kyoto Protocol, thus what the pros and cons of the protocol would be for the country or whether alternative routes can be chosen. However, the rapid increase in greenhouse gas emissions released by Turkey is a fact that can not be ignored. The average greenhouse gas emissions per capita in our Country can be considered way below those in the OECD and EU countries but when multiplied with a population of approximately 70 million, Turkey is listed as the 13th among largest emitters of greenhouse gases. Carbon dioxide emissions which increased by 70% in 2007 amount to nearly 300 million tones in Turkey. Projects based on renewable sources are markedly gaining in importance in Turkey that lacks a national environmentalist energy policy and is listed among countries with rapidly increasing greenhouse gas emissions.

As a country we have to devise, without any further delay, an energy strategy that “emphasizes power efficiency and focuses on renewable sources especially solar energy and reduces the dependency on fossil fuels. It is high time to revolutionize energy and make new investments in energy efficiency and renewable sources.''

Polat Enerji prefers Gold Standard for the carbon certification of all  its projects. Gold Standard which is accepted  as the most reliable standard for carbon offsetting projects,  considers offset projects’ benefit to the host country and sustainable development.

Sayalar WEPP, registered as Gold Standard VER project in 2007, is one of the first three wind facilities that was awarded this certificate. Sayalar WEPP provides an annual reduction of 85.000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. Soma WEPP, which will provide 297.515 tonnes of carbon dioxide emission reduction, has completed its Gold Standard registration in November 2010. The other projects Burgaz WEPP, Poyraz WEPP and Samurlu WEPP have completed their registrations in February 2009, May 2011 and June 2011, respectively.  As Polat Enerji, we shall be contributing to an annual reduction of 684.000 tonnes of carbon dioxide with the completion of all our investments in renewable energy.

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