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A predominant portion of the energy we are currently using is obtained from such fossil sources as natural gas, petrol and coal.
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Increasing population, urbanization and industrialization in particular further result in an increasing need for energy obtained from these fuels. It is an important fact that the combustion of these fuels harms the environment and affects human health. For this reason, the significance of renewable and clean energy sources such as solar and wind has been growing recently.

Renewable energy is defined as an "energy source that can exist the next day exactly in the same state during the evolution process of the nature". Besides being renewable, such natural resources as water, sun and wind play an important role against greenhouse effect and global warming. Renewable energy sources are accepted as the major energy source of the 21st century if their existing technical and economic complications are removed.

What make the renewable sources of energy (wind, photovoltaic (pv), solar-thermal, water, biomass and geothermal being the leading ones) important for us is that "they occur naturally, they are replaced as they are used, they do not have to be imported and in general are more respectful of the environment." For this reason, renewable energy is "a kind of energy that can in the long run healthily combine the factors of demand reliability of power, clean environment and economic performance with suitable conditions for development and with increasing support."

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