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Polat Enerji was founded in 2000 in order to invest in electricity production form renewable energy resources. Initially it geared towards the wind energy, in which Turkey has a huge potential.
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Since then, eight Wind Power Plants were taken under operation. Polat Energy which has 1 billion $ investment amount, is one of the biggest wind power plant investors in Turkey with an installed capacity of 660 MW in gross and 535 MW in net.

This way Polat Energy,

Polat Energy carries on its activities with the mission of contributing to our country’s development both economically and environmentally. It prefers suppliers which have production in Turkey and contributes to the regional development by hiring its employees from the local communities of the regions where the wind power plants are located. The renewable energy investments of Polat Energy protects the environment with the reduction of greenhouse gas emission as a symbol of its philosophy of leaving the next generations a legacy of sustainable habitat.

Besides its licensed projects, Polat Enerji continues to develop projects in the field of wind energy and solar energy with the aim of keeping Turkey’s future clean and contributing to development using domestic energy resources.


In the way to achieve its leadership status in the wind energy sector of Turkey , Polat Energy has signed partnership agreements with French EDF-EN in 2008 and with Canadian PSP Investments in 2014.

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